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Planning & Designing Your Celebration with a Fairy Godmother

Planning a wedding is hard. Wedding planning by yourself isn’t possible. At a minimum, it needs to be you and your partner planning together. Doing this together sets a solid foundation for your future marriage from tough decisions and compromises to finances when splurging or saving to opening your relationship to invite others in.

From menu selections to average pricing per vendor, you have to discuss these ideas and make decisions together. The best way to discuss and make these tough decisions is by involving a planner. A wedding planner is your guide through the experience to keep you on track and focused on the priorities you should be handling first, second, and last.

Even though it is a wedding planner who will guide you through the planning process, the most important professional is your wedding planning design team. The wedding planner is your guide. And the guide to a wedding planner is the fairy godmother.

A wedding planner with fairy godmother powers can bring you unexpected & good fortune. She is there when you need her most and knows what's best for each of her clients.

Meet Lenora. Lenora is your Richmond, VA wedding designer & Fairy Godmother. She has been serving clients for nine years providing everything and more that a couple might not even know they needed.

With so many events being brought to life through her eyes, guests still make comments to her couples years after the party is over about the glamour and attention to detail she provided. Look at how Lenora's couples view her and learn how she can be your fairy godmother too.

Lenora listens ------

Wedding Planners in Richmond, Virginia have multiple options to choose from in historical venues, modern styles and design, and all the glamorous details that the venue’s aesthetic provides. As your wedding designer, Lenora has learned how to pull the details that matter most as you share with her how you see the story unfolding for the day. She hears her clients describe all the details they want from a lavish ceremony with petals delicately placed down the aisle spelling the word “L O V E” to the reception party that is the party of the century.

Even though that is a short statement, it says a lot. Lenora knows how to listen and gather the details that matter most. In this instance, her client wanted more focus on the reception but not at the exclusion of the ceremony details. The ceremony needed a detailed focal point and the reception would be the main event with full lush centerpieces, uplighting to highlight the monogram, and a menu that provides local options around 3 - 4 different stations that highlights the Southern comfort foods Richmond, VA is known for. And since all things Lenora is glamorous and detailed, the menu and stations were upscale as well.

Lenora is a visionary ------

She can see what you might struggle with to put into words in describing your vision. Maya Angelou said "...people will never forget how you made them feel.” Wedding planners are logistics based or design focused. As a visionary, Lenora understands the logistics and provides the design that wows on an emotional level. She helps you feel at ease because her calming nature and organized process makes everyone want to just chill and open up.

Her vision for your amazing celebration starts during the consultation. Building on your vision and ideas from the first interaction is what gives you a more authentic place to continue growing and designing. Lenora can even help connect you with other local professionals to create a great event day team.

For Lenora, your vision is more than flowers and a color palette. Your vision that Lenora creates with you is all encompassing from the venue you select to the ideal place setting. You probably didn't consider the five pieces of silverware for each course of your meal, but Lenora did!

Lenora is a friend ------

Working with your wedding planner should feel natural. Working with a fairy godmother should feel magical. By infusing her personality into the relationship that's been created, Lenora has provided "something borrowed" to a bride, and she has supported a client who is a military spouse with vendor meetings & tastings while her fiance was deployed during the planning process.

Doing her job and making it feel personal is what gives Lenora her godmother wings. Lenora is “glamour and excellence at its best.” She takes what you need for planning your Richmond, VA wedding and combines it with the best friend support you want and needs to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

And no one knows the plan like Lenora. Her timeline is as detailed as the knowledge and professionalism she will show you at the initial consultation. Click here to book your consultation and make your next event with Lenora as glamorous as you. Your fairy god mother is waiting to talk with you.

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